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Ray-Ban sunglasses have come to stand for the very best in eyewear and the most stylish sunglasses made. They are instantly recognizable to most people from movies and magazine covers, especially the Wayfarer and Aviator models. Most people do not realize that this sunglass brand, which was originally made by Bausch & Lomb, has a long and interesting history.

Brand History

Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb as a way to keep pilots from suffering nausea and headaches caused by the bright sunlight at high altitudes. These aviation-grade sunglasses had plastic, impact-resistant frames and green glass that could cut out the glare from the sunlight without reducing the ability to see clearly. In 1939, the company added the Outdoorsman, sunglasses designed for hunters that featured a “sweat bar” to keep the eyes from being blinded by rolling perspiration. In 1940, the company introduced gradient lenses, mirrored lenses that featured a special coating on the upper portion of the lens but an uncoated lower lens for clear vision of an airplane or car’s instrument panel.

1952 saw the introduction of the Wayfarer, made famous by James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. Although other models became famous after being worn in movies, such as the Olympian when worn by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider or the Balorama when worn by Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force, the Wayfarer remained the most popular and universally recognized brand of all.

Throughout the 1980s, the company coasted on its reputation but the brand went in a new direction in the 1990s. During that decade, several new lines were introduced, including Predators, Prophecy and Gatsby. However, interest in the brand began to dwindle with the introduction of new brands such as Oakley. The company was sold to Luxottica in 1999.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

When it comes to iconic sunglasses, it is hard to imagine a brand more well-known than the Wayfarer. Wayfarers rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, but they remain a symbol of the American freedom of lifestyle that finally came to fruition in those decades. As such, people associate them with the movies, the beach and the jet-set lifestyle.

Wayfarers filled an interesting niche in fashion history: they were iconic movie-star accessories that the average person could afford. However, despite the incredible early popularity of Wayfarers, the product line was on the verge of distinction in the mid 1980’s until the company took aggressive marketing action.

They managed to generate a resurgence in interest in the brand by signing a deal with Unique Product Placement to place Wayfarers in movies and television shows. Between 1982 and 1987, the sunglasses appeared in more than 60 shows per year. Until 2007, marketing of the brand continued, vaulting the line to the top of the popularity list of all-time favorite sunglasses. Between 1981 and 1989, the line expanded from two models to more than 40.

Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviators hold two important distinctions: they were the original brand models, developed in 1936 for pilots, and they are one of the most popular sunglass styles in history.

Aviators were originally designed to protect the eyes of pilots with their shaded lenses that filtered out sunlight without blocking vision. The minimal frames and dark lenses of Aviators have been copied by many other brands, but they are still considered the defining brand of these glasses. Many famous people have worn Aviators, including:

Aviators were primarily a male sunglasses fashion type, but women also wore them. In fact, Aviators have come to symbolize serious attention to eye protection in a variety of fields including flying, driving and any job that requires protection from glare.

How Do I Know If I Have Real Ray-Bans?

Brand name sunglass fakes or knockoffs are quite common. While Simply Sunglasses guarantees that you will only receive real, certified Ray-Bans, it helps to be able to spot a fake when you see one. Here are some tips for identifying “knockoffs.”

Hold the glasses in your hand. Real brand sunglasses are sturdy and hefty, not light and flimsy. The rubber components should be sturdy and flexible, not hard and brittle. If you cannot hold the glasses before purchasing, do not buy them. Many “fake” glasses dealers sell online just so that customers cannot touch the goods before buying.

Look for lens logos. On real double-lens glasses, the “RB” is etched into the glass. It is usually easy to spot a fake pair because the RB will either be stuck on or poorly etched.

Check model numbers. Real models have a model number that begins with RB on the inside of the stem that rests against the temple. You can check the model numbers on the brand’s website.

Check the nose pad. The nose pad RB should read correctly when the glasses are held upside down.

Look at the carrying case. Cases should include a quality cleaning cloth and an information book printed by the company as well as a distribution seal printed on the case itself.

Compare price. If you find brand name glasses for $10, they are probably not real. Even discount dealers like Simply Sunglasses cannot sell real brand name sunglasses at a 90 percent discount.

Simply Sunglasses Offers Ray-Bans at Great Prices

If you are looking for quality Ray-Ban sunglasses, look no further than Simply Sunglasses. We are your last stop for quality, certified brand name sunglasses at affordable, discounted prices. Whether you are looking for Wayfarers, Aviators or any other model, you can be sure of getting quality sunglasses at the best possible price.


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